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animation showreel 2013

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I've recently started work on a series of tutorials covering Cartoon Animation, VFX and Motion Graphics tips & tricks in After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator and the rest of the software in the Adobe CC Suite.
If you have any questions about the tutorials or requests for topics in any other areas, please feel free to contact me via my LeeDanielsART Youtube channel ( by using the active comments section below the videos.
Alternatively you can email me at

My latest animated short in the stripped back 'short' shorts style. I've had some really good feedback on these shorts, specifically for the animation and the tight timing of the comedy. It seems the basic nature of the illustration work is adding quite a lot to the feel of them. So, I'm planning a few more, along with some new tutorials to cover the animation process.

Here's another animation I decided to make in the same style as 'Misadventure in Time'. I've been receiving some positive feedback since that last short, so I'm experimenting with this process in particular and plan to do a few more. Aside from being a lot quicker on the produciton side of things than my regular 'fully illustrated' creations, this style also forces me to conectrate more on the movement than the visuals. However, I do like to add a bit of VFX in there too...


Here's my latest animated short created using Adobe CC. I went for a simpler vector style this time for two reasons - one, because I wanted to change up the style a bit on my personal shorts and, two, because I have so little time these days due to client work and family life, I need to keep the channel alive with some more regular output!
If you like the video, please show your support by sharing with your friends and social networks. Thanks!


heading - mashed
At the end of 2013 I had the pleasure of working on 'Mashed 2013' (Channel 4) with a great team of professionals in Soho, London. Initially I was commissioned to create a 60 second cartoon - 'Photobama' - based on a script written by Frank Wood. (Available to watch on the link below.)

After a couple of weeks intensive work on the short and forming a great working relationship with the production team involved, I was asked to join the team to create the various Visual Effects elements throughout the show. My animation work can be seen behind the superimposed host, Rich Fulcher.

'Photobama' - click here

'Mashed' on 4OD (Available until 29 Jan 2014) - click here

photobama screenshots

(Below) Post Screening drinks with the 2013 Mashed production team. l-r: Lee Daniels (Animation), George Dunne (Artworker), Mert Rich (Written, Produced & Directed), Tom Jenkins (Producer), Paul Cope (Written, Produced, Directed & Edited).

the mashed team


animation showreel 2013
Another year, another fest! The 2013 CutOut International Film Festival in Mexico have made me a very happy man by providing another shiny new set of festival laurels to adorn my front page for this year.
My animated short 'A Short Epic' has been chosen for Official Selections and will be judged against animators from all over the world. Very happy and excited to be involved!

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animation showreel 2013

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animation showreel 2013
My 'LeeDanielsART Shorts' channel has just passed 100,000 views! I had always planned to get something huge put together for when this happened, but unfortunately (...fortunately) I have been too busy with client animation work.
So, here is a little piece I put together instead - 'Catch'

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animation showreel 2013
Due to a very busy client animation schedule this year, I have not had as much time as I would have liked to work on my personal webseries' and shorts. So, in light of this, I've decided to start producing some 'short' shorts, to help keep the momentum up on my channel (which is just about to hit 100,000 views!)

o, here is the new one: 'A Short Epic'

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vote for jungle brawl vote for jungle brawl
Please take a moment to cast a vote for my animated short 'Jungle Brawl' in the Bang Awards Animation Contest.
It's free to vote and no subscription is required, just an email address is required to confirm the validity of the vote.

Thanks in advance for your support! - Click Here

vite for jungle brawl
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fat dragon speed painting

This was a quick character painting I created in Photoshop. The actual painting took 1hr 15mins.
My aim is to do as many many of these as possible these in between jobs. I can usually find a spare hour now and again while waiting for client feedback on projects, so it's a good, quick way to keep the cobwebs away.

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fat dragon




into the fire

A new piece of concept art for a possible story I've been thinking over.
Also included here is a time-lapse video of the painting process in Photoshop.

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into the fire
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jungle brawl 2

After another 3 (and a half-ish) months of late nights, early mornings and every other spare minute inbetween, here is episode 2 of my animated webseries 'Jungle Brawl'

I'm already prepping ideas for episode 3 which will be out in the New Year. Although client work is taking up most of my calendar, I plan to produce the Illustration, Animation & Audio myself for the foreseeable future.

However, I've had lots of kind offers from people willing to contribute their skills and I'm pretty sure I will utilise some of these contacts down the line. So, if your'e in the industry - whether specialising in visuals or audio - please feel free to drop me a line. I'm always happy to network will fellow creatives to talk over projects or exchange ideas and techniques.

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jungle brawl - new naimated short - episode 1

I've been animating for just over 2 years using the Adobe Master Collection and have a bunch of cartoon shorts on various online channels (Youtube/Vimeo/Dailymotion). Since the beginning, I've been working towards a small series of webisodes, trying to decide which character to use.

My character - 'The Blue Chimp' - from my 'Intelligence Test' series has proved the most popular, and so here is a pilot episode for a new cartoon featuring the curmudgeonly ape. Previously he has been seen non-cooperative in a Lab setting, but this time he is back in the jungle and fending off the pursuit of a hunter deployed by the research facility to catch the rare primate.

In the episodes he will be using his jungle surroundings as weapons and ammunition, including some unfortunate jungle critters (collateral damage), battling against the odds with his predator's arsenal of guns and gadgets. Hope you enjoy!

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jungle brawl - new naimated short - episode 1


Join my LeeDanielsART Twitter & Facebook pages for updates on Jungle Brawl the webseries.

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jungle brawl
jungle brawl episode 2 teaser artwork q


These are the teaser banners I put together for my Facebook cartoon page:
They are all production stills taken from actual scenes I'm working on for Jungle Brawl - Episode 2.
The next episode will be out over the coming months. Follow my Facebook page or Youtube for updates

Watch this space...


let battle commence characters
I'm currently in production of my new animated short. Again, using the Blue Chimp character from my previous 'Intelligence Test' cartoons. I wanted to fine-tune the look of the chimp so I made a few alterations and tidied up a few lines here and there. Also, there is a new character being introduced. This character (The Hunter) is more in line with the style of the Blue Chimp than the scientists from the previous toons and I've spent a lot more time prepping the separate moving facial parts of both characters to give me more freedom when animating.

Hopefully I'll be finished around September 2012!

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let battle commence

let battle commence
So I have started putting together some character designs for my new cartoon. I've decided to start again and take the chimp back to the jungle to go head-to-head with this unsavoury, nameless (at the minute) Game Hunter who is employed by the Research Facility. I decided, as much as I love doing the 'Intelligence Test' cartoons, I needed to get the chimp into a setting which provides more scope - as a character, he has proved very popular in feedback comments!
I want this one to be more of a fully formed cartoon in the classic sense (for classic - read Tom and Jerry Violence), so I'll be spending a lot more time on the background artwork, character design and general production polish. Watch this space...

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hells angel speed painting
Another speed painting, this time looking at the process behind the creation of 'Hells' Angel' in Photoshop.

hell's angel


the light speed painting
This is not so much a tutorial, more speeded up look at the process behind this style of painting in Photoshop.
Using standard brushes for both sketch and paint stages, a detailed look can be achieved very quickly some basic techniques.

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the light


I'm pleased to announce that two more of my shorts - 'Clearance' and 'Hamster Choccies' - have all made it into the official selections for the 2012 Northwest Animation Festival in Portland, Oregon.

Both can be seen on Youtube (Click on the image to go to my Channel). If you like them, please help me spread the word by sharing them with your various social network contacts.

Thank you!

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Part 3 of my 'Intelligence Test' series. I have to keep going back to the Chimp character...


clearance - animated short

My new animated short about a bunch of incompetent Secret Service Agents having a bad day at work for various reasons. Please feel free to share the link on your Social Networks. Cheers!

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Clearance - Animated Short from Lee Daniels on Vimeo.


digital paintings

Below are some new illustrations. They were all created entirely in Photoshop using digital brushes.

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to grampa


Happy Birthday Clumsy

Happy Birthday, Clumsy (My Brother-in-law)


Doggie Sharpener

not coping



Till Death Do Us Part




I'm pleased to announce that three of my shorts ('Intelligence Test - Parts 1 & 2', 'Hamster Choccies' and 'Rover') have all made it into the official selections for the 2011 Burbank International Film Festival in LA.

They will be screened on Saturday 17th September.

All three can be seen on Youtube on the links below. So, if you like them, please help me spread the word by sharing them with your various social network contacts.

Thank you!

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Rover - Click on video to play...



Hamster Choccies - Click on video to play...



INTELLIGENCE TEST: Effort - Reward - Click on video to play...



ON THE FLY - Click on video to play...

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