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  editorial nd advertising client gallery  
  Below is a small selection of illustrations from various client commissions over the last few years.
If you would like an illustration quote for your project, please feel free to contact me

flamingo land

FlamingoLand - UK
Selection of character designs and illustrations created for UK theme park FlamingoLand.
© Lee Daniels


Exxon Mobil - DDB Worldwide- New York USA
Character design for Flash game promotion.
© Lee Daniels



Pyramid Design - Leamington Spa - UK
Lemur Lunchbox. Character Illustration for FlamingoLand Theme Park in the UK.
© Lee Daniels



chalkin chimp

Managing Software - Belgium
Character design for childrens' painting app on the iPad.
© Lee Daniels


MatchBearers International - Hong Kong
Character design for Childcare Centre.
© Lee Daniels



ysa kiddy lingual

Kiddy Lingual - USA
Character illustrations for childrens foreign language learning website.
© Lee Daniels



Kari & Company - Dallas USA
Character creation for web design company.
© Lee Daniels





Web Hero - Iceland
Caricature for owner of web design company for use on company website
© Lee Daniels



trucker pills

Trucker Pills - USA
Illustration for satirical website.
© Lee Daniels




United Trends - Atlanta USA
Cartoon caricature of the owner for the company website.
© Lee Daniels



Time Out 'n' About - UK
Character design and logo for a childrens' play mat company.
© Lee Daniels



this job sucks

This Job Sucks - USA
Illustration for satirical blog.
© Lee Daniels




Temp-Air - Minneapolis USA
Character illustration for leading climate control provider.
© Lee Daniels



super promoter

United Trends - Atlanta USA
Super Promoter. Character design for nightclub promotion.
© Lee Daniels



scoot graphics

Scoot Graphics - Nottingham UK
T-shirt designs for clothing company.
© Lee Daniels




United Trends - Atlanta USA
Bad Kitty. Illustration for event promotion.
© Lee Daniels



pink elephant races

Pink Elephant Games - Las Vegas USA
Multiple illustrations for Las Vegas events company promotion.
© Lee Daniels



atlantis safari

Jungle Fortress Animal Sanctuary - London UK
Various illustrations for animal sanctuary website.
© Lee Daniels


picture puppy


Picture Puppy - USA
Character creation for photography website promotion.
© Lee Daniels



go media monkey

Media Monkey - New Jersey USA
Various illustrations for film equipment supplier's website.
© Lee Daniels



Lillee - USA
Character illustration for travel company.
© Lee Daniels


lemur lunchbreak

3 Stroke Clothing - London - UK
T-shirt illustration for clothing company.
© Lee Daniels


great dubai guide

Great Dubai Guide - Dubai
Mascot character creation for Dubai's leading tourist information website.
© Lee Daniels



modbat 3 stroke

3 Stroke Clothing - London UK
T-shirt illustration for clothing company.
© Lee Daniels


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